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Live Music Band Ltd -  95 Hopton Road - London - SW16 2EL - United Kingdom

Paul Jackson is known as a "Musician's Musician".

As a founding member of the Headhunters under Herbie Hancock, Paul has shaped a sound that launched a new direction in contemporary music. The solid union between Hancock and Jackson has been especially evident in the many international tours they have made together.

In 1979, Paul embarked on a solo recording venture releasing his own album, "Black Octopus" on Toshiba EMI Records. Jackson's composing has not gone without recognition as well, beginning with Grammy Award Nominations in 1974, 1975 and 1976 for song-writing "Chameleon" "Hang Up Your Hang-ups" and "Spider", respectively.

Like other highly talented, creatively motivated engineers of music, Paul has expanded his career to other mediums such as playing on the sound track of Paramount's "Death wish" and "Dirty Harry". He was a music director for the touring company of "Don't Bother, I can't Cope", spent a year and a half with the Radio Free Europe and has appeared with the Oakland Symphony as well as Herbie Hancock on Midnight Special (ABC-TV).

Since 1985, Paul moved his residence to Japan and continued to be active in many aspects of the Japanese music scene. Live concerts with nation-famous artists such as Char, Tsutomu Yamashita, Sadao Watanabe have been performed in between composing/arranging music for TV commercial films and movies.

In 1987, Paul started one of his life-long projects, Jazz for Kids, which is a voluntary concert performed at Japanese schools with an aim to introduce American black history through music and slide presentation. More than 80 schools across Japan has been visited by Paul and his band, which has been introduced on NHK, the only Japanese governmental TV station. The associated documentary was made by the ministry of Education in 1991.

In the time when understanding of, and respect for fellow human beings are called for more and more, irrespective of differences in races and cultures, Paul is convinced that Jazz for Kids is needed more than ever. Even after moving to Japan and residing in Tokyo, Paul has spent time for live concerts in the United States and in Europe.

Discography as Paul Jackson

Black Octopus (Toshiba/EMI, 1979)

The Funk Stops Here w/Mike Clark (Enja, 1992)

with Herbie Hancock

Headhunters (Columbia, 1973)

Thrust (Columbia, 1974)

Death Wish (soundtrack, Columbia, 1974)

Man-Child (Columbia, 1975)

Flood (Columbia, 1975)

Secrets (Columbia, 1976)

V.S.O.P. (Columbia, 1976)

Mr. Hands (Columbia, 1980)

with the Headhunters

Survival of the Fittest (Arista, 1975)

Straight from the Gate (Arista, 1977)

The Return of the Headhunters (Verve, 1998)

with Azteca

Azteca (Arista, 1972)

with Carlos Santana

Festival (Arista, 1977)



Paul Jackson

bass, vocals

Randy Brecker


Xantonè Blacq

keys, vocals, percussions

Tony Match


Randy Brecker

PAUL JACKSON talks about the trio project