Som das Americas or Sounds of the Americas

is the name of the next Banda Black Rio´s Europe tour. Banda Black Rio is one of the most important Brazilian band to date.  In the 1970´s it showed the world that the fusion of jazz and funky combined with samba and gafieira are essential elements to make a difference in the music scene. BBR nowadays it is once again innovating it.

In 2016 the band brings to Europe the classic repertoire and also new arrangements that goes beyond Brazil´s territory. It brings reference of grooves, rhythm and styles of music from the afro-Americas, combined with elements BBR knows better, Brazilian jazz-samba-funk and sips all with gafieira. Due to the great expansion and amusing reaction of fans during the last tour in 2012, in cities such as Paris, London, Amsterdam, Antwerp and Montpellier, the band is eager to launch this second tour. The band promises their fans to bring in 2016 an unforgettable performance.

Banda Black Rio is a great reference in the world of music.

In 1977, the band released its first album, Maria Fumaça, by Warner Music.  In 1978, BBR released the album Gafieira Universal that is considerate one of the best albums ever seen in the Brazilian jazz-samba-funk category.  The third album, Saci Pererê released in 1978 and re-released in 1980.  In 1984, after the death of the leader, Oberdan Magalhaes, the band stops performing and recording for an indeterminate period.  More than a decade has passed when Banda Black Rio has returned, by a new direction, the sons of the first formation have reunited the band and the fans have applauded.

In 2000, the band released the album Movimento and in Europe, two years later, by the titleRebirth.

In 2011, Banda Black Rio has broadened this concept and brings to its fans the group’s 6th album, Supernova Samba Funk, released in Europe and Japan. An audacious album that revives the foundations of the original bases and modernizes it with a variety of other elements. William Magalhães, son of Oberdan Magalhães, leader of the first band line-up, produced it. William has maintained the flame of the band lit for over a decade now. The band and albums have shown to its fans that the original concept is still very much alive and kicking. 

Banda Black Rio is:

William Magalhaes –  Producer, keyboard, piano and vocal

Bruno Silveira – Drums

Andre Vasconcellos – Bass

Issac Negrene – Guitar

Nilson Batata - Percussions

Rodrigo Revelles – Sax

Jay Phelps – trumpet

For booking please contact:

Maurizio Della Fortuna - Live Music Band Agency



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