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Press quotes

“… telepathic interaction between Schantz, Neset & Eger – lifts the album into the realms of the exceptional (and unmissable)… a group that really turn heads”

Jazzwise (UK)

“Morten Schantz Godspeed has shot straight to the top of this reviewers ‘best of’ list, and it’ll take something special to displace it. Godspeed is a truly modern and engaging piece of original jazz”

Jazz in York (UK)

“Schantz’s layers of pianos and synths are an atmospheric sounding board for a tight, interactive trio completed by Marius Neset’s virtuosic sax and the pounding thump of Anton Eger’s drums"

The Financial Times (UK)

“Morten Schantz is a European jazz name we’re going to get used to hearing.”

The Guardian (UK)

“Godspeed is some of the best electronic jazz I have heard in a long time. The partnership between Schantz and Neset is comparable to that of Zawinul and Shorter”

Jazznyt (DK)

“Schantz is able to embrace a carefully constructed dramaturgy as his music often explodes or unfolds in melodic hooks that are so grand that they would fit a stadium. Godspeed is the closest thing that sophisticated jazz fusion will come to pure pop music”

All About Jazz (US)