Salif Keita has been at the forefront of African Music for over four decades. Since the release of “Mandjou” in 1978, he has been widely regarded as a beacon for styles and trends in the genre. Iconic albums have followed, including Soro (1987), Amen (1991), Folon (1995), Moffou (2002), La Difference (2009) and Talé (2012).

There have been ground breaking collaborations: Joe Zawinul, Steve Hillage, Carlos Santana, Cesaria Evora, Wayne Shorter, Ibrahim Maalouf, Vernon Reid / Living Colour, Philippe Cohen Solal and of course Esperanza Spalding. Many of his epic tracks have also been remixed by leading DJ’s / DJ Collectives, including La Funk Mob, Frederic Galliano, Martin Solveig, and Luciano, to name a few, thus extending their reach and popularity.

National honors from several countries on two continents, numerous prizes and awards, decades of touring to every corner of the world, etc etc. have cemented the iconic reputation for “The Golden Voice of Africa”, a true statesman of and ambassador for African Music.

This takes us to present-day, just on 40 years later ....

Despite the many uncertainties in today’s music business, 2018 will certainly be marked by the release of yet another milestone Salif Keita album – current working title D’Un Autre Blanc (or “That Other White”). Keita himself says it will be his last; now in his late 60’s, perhaps time to wind down, and there are also many other demands on his time. Whether or not this will truly be the last album, the forthcoming offering will contain 8 brand-new tracks, never before released.

As the album title suggests, Keita continues to highlight the plight of albinos, which remains a major concern for him, his dedication to Fondation Salif Keita pour les Albinos increasing now that UN have finally declared 13 June International Albinism Awareness Day. Some of the highlights include:

Syrie: a deep and soulful ballad, which laments the destruction and human tragedy of war, which during the last few years has also reached his native Mali, and especially it’s disastrous impact on women and children.

Tonton & Lerou Lerou: two groovy, uptempo tracks in classic Salif Keita-style; both in different ways paying homage and expressing thanks to people who have played important roles during his career.

Mama Barika (Manman): a upbeat, danceable track which belies its serious subject – the continued abduction and killing of albinos in a number of African countries for purposes of black magic and profit. Of major concern is that local witch doctors often purposefully perpetuate misconceptions and superstitions for personal gain, and the fact that in some cases, family members are financially complicit in these crimes. Keita has enlisted the help of his favourite African sister, Angelique Kidjo, in a passionate plea for these inhumane practices to stop now!

Video clips of the tracks “Syrie” and “Tonton” have already been completed, short teasers available. Audio teasers of tracks mentioned to be made available soon.

Salif Keita is set to tour globally to promote this release during 2018 and 2019.

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