“Beautifully Dark”

is a musical art installation presented by

Mark Batson and Sandra St. Victor.

The performances of Beautifully Dark revolve around the idea that many people who fear darkness present it as something egregious, evil and sinful. WRONG.

Darkness is Universal Beauty, Darkness is the magnificent Universe landscape that stars are allowed to shine on. From the majesty of dark and beautiful skin to the erotic darkness of sensuality, this simple modern-day opera presents the diversity of the vast energy of darkness and blackness.

The performance of Beautifully Dark can be as simple as St. Victor and Batson on a concert stage as piano and voice, or with the addition of larger orchestral ensembles, ballet dancers and/or dynamic visuals created and presented by collaborators and the artists themselves. Sandra St. Victor and Mark Batson welcome us all into an open tribe of humanity.

For booking please contact:

Maurizio Della Fortuna - Live Music Band Agency