Politically engaged musician, originally from the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Wanny S-King lives between Goma and Italy.

He started his career as a musician in 2005.                                                                                            His songs “Wale Wale” and “Son excellence” (2015), that criticize the democratic illusion of Congo and the political cronyism, resonate widely in the great Lakes region. This first recognition by the Congolese audience also pushes Wanny to leave the country for a few weeks for safety reasons. In 2016, he creates the song “Liberté”, to support the Human Rights activists jailed at the time for no reason in DRC, notable those from “la LUCHA”.

In 2017, he is at the origin of the project “Shusha Ma Flow” (“Drop your Flow” in Swahili), with the street children of Goma, by giving them space for expressing their own talents through Hip-Hop sessions and an album recorded in 2018, with the support of PASo an association from Marseille France.

In April 2018, Wanny’s fourth album “Ngoma” comes out, in collaboration with Congolese and International artists.


2011 - "Kumbuka" (Remember you)                                                                                                                             2013 - "Nipe" (Give me)
2015 - "Wale Wale"
2018 - "Ngoma"

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